July Featured Artist: Max Coleman aka Oak Bloak

July Featured Artist: Max Coleman aka Oak Bloak

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  1. The Emergence of Oak Bloak: Max Michael Coleman is a Rhode Island School of Design graduate and artist hailing from the United States and uses the pseudonym Oak Bloak. Max currently resides in Denver Colorado. Living in Colorado helps him draw inspiration from his surroundings. Much of which can be seen in his work. Coleman's artistic journey began as a form of self-expression and has evolved into an artistic exploration that captivates viewers with its depth and symbolism. 

  2. Surrealism and Symbolism: Oak Bloak's artwork transports us into surreal landscapes, where reality intertwines with imagination. His vivid compositions feature dreamlike figures, anthropomorphic creatures, and fantastical elements that blur the boundaries between the conscious and subconscious mind. Through intricate symbolism, Oak Bloak invites viewers to unravel hidden narratives and meanings within each artwork, often leaving room for personal interpretation.

  3. The Power of Details: One cannot help but marvel at the meticulous attention to detail in Oak Bloak's creations. Every stroke of the brush or pen reveals a world filled with intricate patterns, textures, and mesmerizing elements. Coleman's use of color adds depth and intensity to his compositions, further immersing the viewer in the rich tapestry of his art. The amalgamation of elements creates a visual feast for the eyes, encouraging viewers to explore every nook and cranny of his intricate creations.

  4. Themes and Influences: Oak Bloak's art revolves around a myriad of themes, ranging from introspection and identity to societal issues and the human condition. He often challenges the viewer's perceptions of reality, confronting us with the enigmatic and the unknown. Nature, mythology, and spirituality also serve as recurring motifs, infusing his artwork with a sense of mysticism and interconnectedness. Through the vehicle of his "SUN Lives Long" campaign, his murals and prints have taken an active stance towards promoting equality and awareness for the creatures of the earth, as well as imparting a sense of kinship towards the planet.

  5. Beyond the Canvas: Murals and Collaborations: Max Michael Coleman's artistic talent extends beyond traditional canvas paintings. He has ventured into the world of murals, leaving his indelible mark on cityscapes and urban landscapes. Through large-scale public art, Oak Bloak's creations transcend the confines of galleries, bringing his captivating imagery to the masses. Furthermore, Coleman has collaborated with musicians, writers, and other artists, blending various art forms to create immersive experiences that engage multiple senses. Here at Abstract, Max created our "Sloan's Lake" tee which has been a hit with our customers. It's become a tee we continue to reprint, and we don't see it slowing down anytime soon. 

  6. Recognition and Future Endeavors: Oak Bloak's art has gained significant recognition in recent years, with exhibitions and showcases in galleries around Colorado and beyond. His ability to captivate and intrigue viewers has garnered him a dedicated following on social media platforms and locally here in Colorado, where he shares his artistic process and engages with his audience. You can often find him set up in front of Abstract Santa Fe on First Fridays with prints to sell. This First Friday though he'll be inside showcasing his works on our gallery wall as the July featured artist! As his artistic journey unfolds, we can only anticipate further explorations into the depths of his imagination, leaving us eager to see what Max Coleman, the enigmatic Oak Bloak, will create next. Come down to the Santa Fe Art District on 7.7, grab a free Topo Chico or beer on us, and support a fantastic Colorado local artist!

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