June Featured Artists

June Featured Artists

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Discover the Artistic Mastery of Markham Maes & Zach Howard at Abstract Denver

Join us for an unforgettable evening of art and inspiration at Abstract Denver, located in the vibrant Santa Fe Art District. We are thrilled to showcase the extraordinary work of local Colorado artists Markham Maes aka Shitty Kitten and Zach Howard aka ESIC, whose contributions to the Denver contemporary art scene have been much appreciated through the years and now we’re excited to showcase some of their work in their duo show titled
“Ten Thousand Hours!!”

For over two decades, Markham Maes has captivated audiences with his unique blend of figurative character illustration and Latino subject matter. His art is a seamless fusion of cultural heritage and modern innovation, making his pieces a mainstay on street art murals and gallery walls across Colorado and beyond.

Maes is not just a fine artist but a muralist and illustrator whose work transcends time and place. His art speaks to the soul, connecting deeply with his ancestors while pushing the boundaries of contemporary techniques. Maes' distinctive style ranges from the free-flowing, wispy forms reminiscent of cirrus clouds in graffiti murals to his trademark sharp, fantasy-like illustrative characters. This dynamic combination creates a visual experience that is both grounded and ethereal, familiar yet fantastical.

The upcoming show at Abstract Denver is an opportunity to witness Maes' innovative approach up close. Each piece on display tells a story, inviting viewers to explore the rich layers of meaning embedded within. His use of bold colors, intricate details, and powerful imagery captures the essence of Latino culture, providing a profound commentary on identity, heritage, and community.

Our second featured artist Zach Howard is another pleasure to have at our gallery. Zach Howard’s career is a testament to his lifelong passion for art. As a muralist, concept artist, graphic designer, fine artist, and illustrator, Zach has a unique ability to bring ideas to life in ways that captivate and inspire. His work is known for its rich depth, atmospheric elements, and the vibrant characters that inhabit his detailed and extravagant environments.

Howard’s art is more than just visual; it’s an immersive experience. Whether you’re looking at one of his expansive murals or a finely crafted piece of graphic design, there’s always something new to discover. His talent for creating fun and dynamic characters within intricate settings makes each piece a journey into a world of imagination and creativity.

Living in Denver with his wife and two amazing daughters, Howard continues to push the boundaries of his art. In addition to his work in various mediums, he is currently pouring his creativity into his comic book series, Outlandish. This ongoing project showcases his ability to blend storytelling with his distinctive artistic style, offering fans yet another way to engage with his work.

Located in the heart of Denver's Santa Fe Art District, Abstract Denver is the perfect venue to experience the magic of Maes' & Howard’s artwork. Known for its eclectic mix of contemporary art and local artist exhibitions, Abstract Denver offers an intimate setting where art enthusiasts can connect with the artist and their creations on a personal level. So join us June 7th from 6-10pm and support local artists!

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