Dave Palmer Dave Palmer Original Artwork Cafe Racer 20x20

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Dave Palmer Original Artwork Cafe Racer 20x20


Together Alone What to say about these new paintings... Prior to the show, I noticed a slow change in my line work. For years I’ve tried to get clean lines to match, or closely match my digital art style. I felt myself going back to something that was less defined.


When I wake up every day I see one of my earliest Yeti paintings. I often find enjoyment in the looseness in which I used to paint. I believe that painting has influenced me with the loose, sketchy, almost linocut line work I used in these paintings. Further separating my paintings from my digital graphic style.


I chose to name the show “Together Alone” because that is exactly what is going on in these crazy strange times. All these paintings show a solo figure, but in this show they are grouped together. #davepalmerart

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