Cameos - 1" x 2" Nickel Free Metal Pendants by Liz Holland

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The Artist:

Liz Holland is a fantastical artist here in Denver, CO who has given Abstract the opportunity to showcase her work and offer it to you for sale! Get it while you can, these pieces are one of a kind and a talking piece in any room at home. Plus, a primate sanctuary owned by Liz's employer needs a lot of financial help right now, and anything helps.. That's why a portion of all proceeds from this sale will go to and !

"Everything is what you make it, be resourceful! Starting on the back of notebooks and even groceries in 2012, I have always been drawn to the texture of cardboard and its many possibilities. Living and working away in Denver, CO, my real inspiration has continued to grow from wildlife rehabilitation and conservation work by various organizations outside of the city." - Liz Holland on her journey; Check out her site here



1" x 2" pendant 

Chain length ~18" around; ~7.5" hang down on neck with a ball in socket closure.

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