June 7th Rafa Jenn

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June 7th Rafa Jenn

June 7th from 6-11pm Stop in for a PBR or a cocktail form Deep Eddy Vodka, and peep the new works by Rafa Jenn.

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Rafa Jenn’s emergence into the subculture-contemporary art scene begins with a geometrical rendition of the Mona Lisa that spread ubiquitously throughout the art-and-design blogosphere. With most of his print-editions sold out, Rafa Jenn continues to garner collectors from around the world. With a penchant for design he draws upon primordial themes such as death and Eros, without foregoing his embellishments upon fashionable motifs. Many of his works seem to articulate a “wink of the eye”—a codified acknowledgement of a shared awareness between artist and viewer.

In what some might call his signature style, Rafa Jenn reconstructs iconic imagery such as DaVinci’s Mona Lisa, Warhol’s Marilyn, and Lucas’ Darth Vader by implementing rhythmic patterns and penetrating color schemes. Ultimately, however, Rafa Jenn preserves his artistic freedom by exploring many styles and techniques; from playful geometry, to minimalist deconstruction, to expressive line-work, allowing fruition to arrive in its most proper form.


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